Fabric Images, Inc. Introduces Material to Control Acoustics

ELGIN, IL. – January 19, 2017 – In an effort to better the sound quality within environments, Fabric Images, Inc., a global manufacturer of printed and non-printed tension fabric architectural solutions, is unveiling ezoBord™, a high performance acoustical felt that addresses the design challenge of creating meeting rooms with better noise control.

EzoBord™ is a rigid sheet material that dampens sound and controls unwanted noise when introduced into environments, allowing for less distraction and more focus. The aesthetically pleasing finish enables ezoBord™ to be used as independent features, as well as being worked into or between fabric solutions. Fabric Images has developed a variety of options that utilize EzoBord™ which include design enhancements, stock patterns and shapes and attachment methods, all of which meet the growing concern of noise pollution for compact meeting spaces.

Benefits of ezoBord™ include:

  • Acoustical NRC rating of 0.75 (subject to mounting conditions)
  • Available in 15 standard colors
  • Printable using the dye sublimation print process
  • Stock or custom cut patterns for design enhancement
  • Flexibility to accommodate to walls, ceilings and decorative features

Adhering to Fabric Images, Inc.’s environmental standards, ezoBord™ falls within the Eco Stewardship initiative. The 100% polyester material contains a blend of post-consumer recycled PET, which is manufactured through a process that generates no waste. In addition, the material is recyclable under Fabric Images, Inc.’s ReLife Recycling program.

For more information or to request a sample, please contact: apocewicz@fabricimages.com

About Fabric Images, Inc®

Since 1992, Fabric Images, Inc® has been a premier supplier for fabricating and printing of tensioned fabric architecture for the retail, museum, architectural and exhibit design communities. FI is a family-owned and minority-operated business. They are considered by many to be a leading manufacturer of lightweight, digitally printed fabric tension structures.

For more information or images contact Leo Boczar, Director of Communications at lboczar@fabricimages.com, or Allison Pocewicz, Marketing Coordinator at apocewicz@fabricimages.com.